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Request for Quotation (RFQ) – TASI01029A IT Store Inventory




Section 1 - Objectives of RFQ, Scope of Work and Pricing:

TASIAST MAURITANIE LIMITED S.A. (TMLSA) has issued this RFQ in order to solicit competitive quotations from qualified suppliers for the purchase of service as detailed herein.  Below is the Scope of Work containing the deliverables, any exclusions, tasks and schedule?


                Our primary objectives are as follows:


  • To source equipment/products/service acceptable to our organizations.
  • To source equipment/products/service financially beneficial to our organizations.
  • To maintain or exceed quality of service.
  • To minimize the impact to the environment.
  • To continuously improve the processes, promote standardization and enhance service delivery.


    Scope of Work

    See attached Scope of Work & Pictures #1.



Each supplier must submit a quotation containing pricing terms, denominated in Mauritanian Ouguiyas/United States dollars/Other Currency, for the provision of the goods. The pricing offered by each supplier in its quotation must include all applicable taxes, export duties and statutory withholdings, except Mauritanian value-added tax (VAT), if applicable.

For goods generally in inventory of the supplier in Mauritania, the pricing offered by each supplier in its quotation must also include all import duties (and the quotation should state so explicitly). For any goods to be imported in Mauritania as part of a supplier’s quotation the supplier should be exclusive of any import duties (and the quotation should state so explicitly). In such case, the supplier shall be required to coordinate the import of goods into Mauritania with TMLSA so that all goods are assessed at the tax and customs duty rates and/or exemption thereof applicable to the goods’ import pursuant to Mauritanian legislation and specific agreements entered into between TMLSA and Mauritanian authorities, whichever enables the goods to be assessed at the lowest rates. See Section 5 of the Terms and Conditions for further details.


Section 2 – Time Line:

Issue Date:             August 17th, 2016

Closing Date:         August 22nd, 2016 at 12:00 PM



IT Store Inventory Closed


Date de publication / Date of Publication : 17/08/2016
Date limite des soumissions / Bidder Acknowledgement Closing Date : 23/08/2016
Lieu d’affection /Location of Services : Site de Tasiast
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TSX: K 5.29 - -1.67% Volume:
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