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TMLSA Procurement

Tasiast Mauritanie Limited SA (TMLSA) understands that the Supply Chain Management practices implemented by the Company; our suppliers and contractors has a significant role in the creation of sustainable national economic development opportunities in our host community.

Linked to our core values and Kinross Guiding Principles for Corporate Responsibility is a commitment to building durable relationships with and providing positive long term impacts to the communities where we operate. TMLSA will achieve these commitments through a variety of means, including TMLSA’s Local Business Program (LBP).

The LBP, establishes polices, procedures and standards for TMLSA, it’s suppliers and contractors. The LBP is intended to provide contractors, suppliers, community and external stakeholders of Mauritania with detailed policies and procedures which help TMLSA achieve its commitment to supporting local procurement of goods and contracting for services.

In implementing a robust LBP, TMLSA demonstrates it's commitment to develop preferential procurement guidelines, including appropriate packaging of goods and services requirements to maximize local content and the use of price premiums in defined situations to increase opportunities and empower local suppliers and contractors through capacity building.

The commitments made and approach identified in this strategy applies to procurement and contracting activities undertaken by TMLSA in consideration of Kinross Supply Chain Management policies, TMLSA Mining Convention and relevant regulatory and legal requirements.